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Membership Application | Workplace Drug Testing Association

Workplace Drug Testing Association

Workplace Drug Testing Association unites the bonafide workplace drug and alcohol testing providers in Australia. It raises the profile and identity of the onsite drug and alcohol testing industry in general.

WDTA aims to build a membership for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Elevate the financial capacity of the association whilst reducing annual fee(s).
  • Develop a large membership in order to elevate the prominence of the association.
  • Invite widespread involvement from within the key industry and its associated industries and employees.


Full Membership

Applicable to stand-alone testing agencies, laboratories with a testing arm, occupational health clinics with a testing arm, employer groups that conduct in-house testing.

Full Membership Requirements:

  • Must be registered business with an ABN
  • Must be actively involved in Workplace Drug Testing
  • Can only nominate one person to represent the Member
  • Can only hold one membership irrespective of the number of operating sites or locations.One member one vote
  • If a group can only nominate one person to represent the member and other sites can be Associated Members or persons – Individual Members
  • If a franchise then the Franchisor must hold the membership and the Franchisees can be Associate Members
  • Need to consider acquisitions and mergers

Associate Membership

Applicable to product suppliers, manufacturers, importers, laboratories, employer, industry groups, OHS service providers, risk management providers, RTO’s and anyone who is interested.

Associate Membership Requirements:

  • Must be a registered business with an ABN
  • Primary business can be related to drug and/or alcohol testing and/or an employer industry body. In fact, any business or body can apply
  • Able to have more than one membership for each sector of their business
  • Not able to vote but can have input

Individual  Membership

Applicable to collectors, laboratory technicians, nurses, health industry workers.

Individual Membership Requirements:

  • Working in the industry or associated industry
  • Can be employed or freelance
  • Typically a certified collector or technician
  • Maybe entitled to automatic membership if employer nominates as part of their Full Membership

Honorary  Membership

Applicable to distinguished professionals from related industries – scientists, toxicologists, professors, etc. invited by the association. Limit to a small elite group of individuals that may add some credibility simply by their presence and/or perhaps give advice occasionally.

  • Membership year to be calendar year with fees pro-rata quarterly.
  • Fee structure to be reviewed annually and adjusted according to the financial position of the association.
  • Full fee details are included on the application form.


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